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quilt block sampler

The Western North Carolina Quilters Guild 2014 Quilt Show

A Garden of Quilts

Show Rules

Please read carefully and adhere to all rules, directions and deadlines.

Show Rules - printer friendly PDF

  1. Any current member of WNCQG is eligible to participate.
  2. A quilter may enter a total of five quilts for judging, but may receive only one ribbon per category. Additional quilts may be entered for exhibit only.
  3. Entries must have been completed after January 1, 2011, and not previously entered in the WNCQG Quilt Show.
  4. Entry is to be three quilted layers (top, batting, and backing) with the exception of Other Techniques and Clothing.
  5. Quilts 60” or more in length must have a 4” sleeve attached not more than 90” from quilt bottom. 
  6. Entries must have a label on the back lower corner with quilt name and maker’s name and city. This label must be covered with fabric for judging. Attach fabric with safety pins or basting stitches.
  7. No quilts will be accepted without pre-registration with Entry Part 1. A separate entry form is needed for each quilt. A color photo must accompany the entry form (may be on plain paper).
  8. No precut kits, preprinted blocks, or rigid framed pieces are allowed. Rigid hanging devices are acceptable for art quilts only, but with certain stipulations (see FAQ for more information).
  9. Quilts offered for sale will be handled through the Quilters Shop with a consignment fee of 20% of sale price. Purchased quilts may be picked up and signed for at the Quilters’ Shop between 4:45 and 5:15 PM on Sunday, June 15. Otherwise, the quiltmaker will be responsible for delivery of purchased quilts.  Fill out the “FOR SALE” information on Entry Part 1.
  10. All entries, once received for judging, will be retained for the duration of the show.
  11. The quilt show committee and/or judges reserve the right to divide or combine categories, move entries to more appropriate categories, or not display any quilt deemed inappropriate for the show.
  12. The entry fee for each quilt is a canned item (or $1) for the Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry of Etowah United Methodist Church. Bring it when you deliver your quilt.



Based on well-established or customary designs; may also be your adaptation of such designs or made from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.).

100   Traditional Quilts, appliquéd, quilted by maker
200   Traditional Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker 
300   Traditional Quilts, appliquéd with commissioned quilting
400   Traditional Quilts, pieced with commissioned quilting


Made or adapted from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.); makes use of current trends in design, fabrics, and/or techniques.

500   Contemporary Quilts, appliquéd, quilted by maker   
600   Contemporary Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker    
700   Contemporary Quilts, appliquéd, with commissioned quilting                 
800   Contemporary Quilts, pieced with commissioned quilting


900   Traditional Quilts, other techniques (e.g., cathedral window, wholecloth, crazy quilt, redwork, thread painting)
1000  Art/InnovativeQuilts - must be the quiltmaker’s original design; a personal expression making innovative use of color, materials and/or techniques; may include traditional elements, but as a minor part of the design
1100  Young Quiltmakers, up to 18 years old at the time of completion of quilt – any size (these quilts will be eligible for judging if desired)
1200  Group Quilts –quilts made by two or more people; may have commissioned quilting
1300  Wearable Clothing – no purses unless part of an ensemble. For Exhibit Only.

Additional Award Categories

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February 6, 2014