100 ~ Traditional Quilts, Appliquéd, Quilted by Maker ~ Large

Baltimore Album 2

First Place

Baltimore Album II by Marian Cosgrove, Hendersonville, NC

"This is the twin to the one I made last year. All blocks are different."

wreath block detail Peacock block, detail
Garden Baskets

Second Place

Garden Baskets by Diane Paddock, Hendersonville, NC

"I added appliquéd flowers to these hand-quilted Block of the Month baskets, which was commissioned by a friend. My first attempt at appliqué."

Garden Baskets detail 1 Garden Baskets detail 2
Pia Nora quilt

Third Place

Pia Nora Quilt by Ann Snellman, Hendersonville

"Inspiration was a wall hanging, 'Up and Down Memory Lane' by Vickie Bellino/Bloom Creek. I enlarged it, made my own border and hand-quilted it for my granddaughter."

Pia Nora detail Pia Nora detail 2
Untitled by Marjorie Eberle

Honorable Mention and Viewers' Choice

Untitled by Marjorie Eberle

"Some blocks I designed. I made most of the patterns. A couple of blocks are variations of old quilt patterns."

Viewer's Choice & Honorable Mention detail Viewers' Choice Detail 2

Honorable Mention

Capriccio by Norene D. Goard, Hendersonville, NC

"'Capriccio' is a whimsical floral piece. (Piece O' Cake blocks and my original drafted border."

Capriccio detail Capriccio detail 2

200: Traditional Quilts, Appliquéd, Quilted by Maker, Medium and Small

Urn of Irises and Glads

First Place and Best Hand Workmanship

Urn of Irises and Glads by Ann D'Hondt, Brevard, NC

"This pattern was designed by Emily Martin and taught at the Appliqué Academy. I selected the fabrics."

Irises and Glads bouquet detail Irises and Glads urn and ivy detail
Alaska Summer

Second Place

Alaska Summer by Mary Hinkle, Hendersonville, NC

"Made from fabric and pattern bought on a trip to Alaska. Machine appliqué and big stitch hand quilting."

Alaska Summer detail 1 Alaska Summer detail 2
If Mary Had Been a Quilter

Third Place

If Mary Had Been a Quilter by Melba Rilott, Glenville, NC

"Hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted. One hundred-sixty-five reproduction prints in the baby jesus quilt. Crayon technique on flesh; trapunta stool and hand. An Amish pattern from Indiana – had permisison not to use Amish fabrics."

Mary detail Baby Jesus

Honorable Mention

Welcome by Jacqlyn McKenzie, Hendersonville, NC

"Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and welcome. I made this for my front hallway. I love traditional quilts."

Welcome detail Welcome detail 2
300: Traditional Quilts, Pieced, Large
Jacob's Stars

First Place, Best of Show,
Best Machine Quilting, Amateur

Jacob's Stars by Norene D. Goard, Hendersonville, NC

"'Jacob's Stars' was begun on my domestic machine and completed on my long-arm machine. Connecting Threads pattern."

Jacob's Stars quilting detail Jacob's stars detail
Lily in the Mountains

Second Place

Lily in the Mountains by Brenta Poole

"My love of wildflowers influenced my choice of pattern. this is the first quilt on which I have used the 'Thimble Lady' quilting technique. Meadow Lily pattern from WNCQG library book."

Lily in the Mountains Detail 1 Lily in the Mountains corner detail
The Seven Year Stitch

Third Place

The Seven Year Stitch by Mary Cosgrove, West Yellowstone, MT

"I started this quilt seven years ago when my father was still alive. He said, 'My, that's a lot of working; it'll take a long time.' He didn't know how long."

The Seven Year Stitch detail The Seven Year Stitch border detail
Round the Corner

Honorable Mention

Round the Corner by Carin Rupp, Hendersonville, NC

"Easy method for making hexagons - plenty of corner-making practice."

Round the Corner detail 1 Round the Corner quilting detail
400: Traditional Quilts, Pieced, Medium
The Colors of Bonaire

First Place

The Colors of Bonaire by Sharon Johnson, Hendersonville, NC

"Deep water blue, turquoise shallows, whitecaps, clouds, blue sky, and coral sand - the colors of Bonaire and its undersea life inspired this traditional ocean waves quilt."

The Colors of Bonaire detail-1 <The Colors of Bonaire detail 2
Continuous Nine Patch

Second Place

Continuous Nine Patch by Jean Hart, Brevard, NC

"The lights piercing the darks caught my eye when I saw a picture of this quilt in an Amish book. I wanted to copy it and I did."

Continuous Nine Patch detail
My Favorite Snowman

Third Place

My Favorite Snowman by Frances Reese, Flat Rock, NC

"Saw it hanging on the bathroom door at a Virginia quilt shop. Machine pieced and quilted."

My Favorite Snowman head detail My Favorite Snowman detail 2
Trees in My Forest

Honorable Mention

Trees in My Forest by Joanne Shafer, Zirconia, NC

"Trees surround our mountain homeon the southh side of Mt. Olive, south of Flat Rock."

Trees in My Forest detail
500: Traditional Quilts, Pieced, Small
Cirque de Petit Fours

First Place

Cirque de Petit Fours by Pat Crawford, Brevard, NC

"This is a circle of petit fours that were paper-pieced in the English style."

Cirque de Petit Fours detail
Roses of Lancaster

Second Place

Roses of Lancaster by Laurie Fichtelberg, Mills River, NC

" love to make mini-quilts. It's a good way to use stash fabric. I loved the color contrast. From Small Wonders by Elizabeth Hamby Carlson."

Roses of Lancaster detail
My Dad Makes the Best Ice Cream

Third Place

My Dad Makes the Best Ice Cream! by Bonnie Cunningham, Hendersonville, NC

My dad's family owned and operated a creamery on Seven mile Road in Detroit. Brown's Creamery did home delivery as well as operated several retair stores in the Detroit area. All of the stores had soda fountain service and the best ice cream in the world."

Brown's Creamery Ice Cream Cones
Mini Pineapples

Honorable Mention

Mini Pineapples by Jacqlyn McKenzie

"I love mini quilts. This one was paper pieced and fun to make."

Mini Pineapples detail
600: Quilts with Other Techniques
(e.g., cathedral window, wholecloth, crazy quilt, embroidered)

First Place

Asian Breeze by Laurie Fichtelberg, Mills River, NC

"This pattern was so unique I desperately wanted to make it. Though it had techniques new to me, I decided to tackle it. I'm glad I did. Used artificial flowers, 3-D flowers, and ribbons. Redoubt Designs."

Asian Breeze quilt
Azian Breeze detail left Asian Breeze detail 1 Asian Breeze detail right
Hawaiian Surprise

Second Place

Hawaiian Surprise by Jean Winchester, Alexis, NC

"This was my first painted quilt but it will not be my last. From Thread Sketches by Linda Visnow."

Hawaiian Surprise detail 1 Hawaiian Surprise detail 2
800: Traditional Quilts, with Commissioned Quilting

First Place and Best Machine Quilting, Professional

Feathers and Ferns by Sharon Johnson, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Brian Fackler

"Made for my son, Mark Flick, this traditional log cabin quilt in the Barn Raising setting pattern is lifted from the ordinary by Brian Fackler's exceptional quilting."

Feathers and Ferns Feathers and Ferns detail
It Just Snowballs quilt

Second Place and Best Scrap Quilt

It Just Snowballs by Carin Rupp, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Brian Fackler

"I wanted to do a little with 9-patches I got during an exchange through the guild. As a rolling snowball, this quilt kept growing and growing, too. Love the scrappy-ness of it."

It Just Snowballs detail
Log Cabin

Third Place

Log Cabin by Betty Valentine, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Peggy McCaffrey

"I tried using very large-scale prints for the 1 1/2" strips - unpredictable effects but more active."

Log Cabin detail Log Cabin detail 2

Honorable Mention

Study of Asian Designs by Gretchen Batra, Etowah, NC
Quilted by Peggy McCaffrey

"This bed quilt, adapted from an Australian pattern, includes more than 21 different Asian-inspired fabrics, some of which are fussy cut. Patterm from a French magazine, Quiltmania."

Study of Asian Designs Study of Asian Designs detail
Many Diamonds = A Lone Star

Honorable Mention

Many Diamonds = A Lone Star by Evelyn Uhrlass, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Brian Fackler

"Ive always liked the Lone Star pattern and finally made a quilt."

Many diamonds detial