200: Art/Innovative Quilts, Large and Medium

First Place

Courthouse Butte by Chris Eichner, Franklin, NC

"Landscape is free motion embroidry embellished with cotton blendables, rayon threads. The appliquéd tree was created in a wooden hoop using Super Solvy, netting and fabric."

Courthouse Butte Courthouse Butte detail
Lazy Summer Afternoon

Second Place

Lazy Summer Afternoon by Trish Hendershot, Hendersonville, NC

"John C. Campbell class May 2009, 'Fabricating Nature'. Worked from a photo by my husband Jim, taken at Huntsville, Alabama, arboretum."

Lazy Summer Afternoon detail leaves Lazy Summer Afternoon turtles
Swiss Chart Tree

Third Place and Off the Wall Award

Swiss Chard Tree by Betty Valentine

"Remembering tree-of-life quilts of the early 19th century, I combined food and flowers in my own Broderie Perse tree."

Swiss Chart Tree detail

Honorable Mention

Fresh from the Garden by Pamela Jordan, Brevard, NC

"I love to vist the wonderful roadshide stands that sell produce each summer. This quilt celebrates that diversity and abundance."

Fresh from the Garden Fresh from the Garden detail
1300: Art/Innovative Quilts, Small
Cone Flowers and Day Lilies

First Place

Cone Flowers and Day Lilies by Chris Eichner, Franklin, NC

"Techniques to embellish art quilts: free motion embroidery, bobbin work with 3 ply cotton floss, 30 wt cotton blendables, and organza for shadow work."

Cone Flowers and Day Lilies detail Cone Flowers and Day Lilies detail 2
Outback Melody

Second Place

Outback Melody by Mary Hinkle

"Simple design inspired by my visit to the Australian Outback. Machine piecing, big stitch hand quilting, embellished with beading."

Outback Melody detail
New York Musical Matinee 1706

Third Place

New York Musical Matinee 1706 by Melba Rilott, Glenville, NC

"Had fun designing my callenge for the Guild using pearls, antique jewelry, silk flower, old coasters as I expressed my personal art and, of course, a tough of Brazillian embroidery."

New York Musical Matinee detail hat New York Musical detail glove
Gentle Breeze

Honorable Mention

Gentle Breeze by Bonnie Lucas, Mills River, NC

"This quilt is done with a leaf-pounding technique. All colors and veining in the leaves are actual pigment from the leaf itself."

Gentle Breeze detail Gentle Breeze leaf detail

Honorable Mention

Chantilly by Barbara Ruff

"This little piece started as a texture exercise using a variety of neutral fabrics. I especially enjoyed adding embroidery and embellishments."

Chantilly Chantilly detail
1400: Quilts Made by Youth
Up to 18 years old at the time of completion of quilt, any size
Kelly's Pizza

Junior Quilter Merit Award

Kelly's Pizza by Marah Karas, Brevard, NC

"This was made for the 2010 challenge which was 'Food'. Marah was 14 years old when she made this quilt."

Kelly's Pizza detail
Turn About

Junior Quilter Merit Award

Turn About by Marah Karas, Brevard, NC

"This was my first quilt. It is machine-pieced and quilted. It is my own design, inspired by Ricky Tims' convergence technique." Marah was 14 years old when she made this quilt.

Turn About Detail
Hannah's Quilt

Junior Quilter Merit Award

Hannah's Quilt by Hanna mcCollough, Hendersonville, NC

"I made this quilt at Boys & Girls Club last spring when I was in 6th grade. The volunteers from the quilt guild taught me how. From Quilts for Kids to Love by Kathy Wesley and Linda Causee."

Hannah's Quilt detail
1502: Group Quilts
Quilts made by two or more people; may have commissioned quilting
Oh! I Won the Blocks

First Place

Oh! I Won the Blocks by Susan Hudspeth, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Sheridan Kay Quilting

"I won 20 small basket blocks years ago. To honor everyone who made the blocks, I tried to make a stunning quilt. The setting is my own design."

Oh! I Won the Blocks detail
Remembering Mom

Second Place

Remembering Mom by Donna Edwards, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Cozetta Campbell

"My mother, Hazel Cook, made the blocks in the late 1930s. After she died, I found them in the attic. She loved to sew and do crafts. I finished the quilt in her honor."

Remembering Mom, detail 1 Remembering Mom detail 2

Third Place

Welcome Home by Holy Comforters: Hardy Chandler, Dawn Bartholic, Marge Nimness,
Diana Walgreen, Ethyln Byrd, Mary Hinkle, and Sally Fargo, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Sally Fargo

"Each group member designed and created an original 'house' block. This quilt will be given to the local Habitat family with the most sweat equity hours."

Welcome Home Welcome Home detail 1 Welcome Home detail 2
Goodnight Irene

Honorable Mention

Goodnight Irene by Ann Klimstra, Hendersonville, NC
Quilted by Norene Goard

Goodnight Irene detail
1600: Wearable Art
A Sino Afro Combo

First Place

A Sino Afro Combo by Claire Rouse, Brevard, NC

"An assortment of 23 oriental and African fabrics were pieced together, quilted block by block to a flannel base, lined, and assembled into this casual jacket."

A Sino Afro Combo detail
Therapy in Black and White

Second Place

Therapy in Black and White by Shelia Solen, Hendersonville, NC

"Each jacket part is a different miniature quilt. Working in miniature made good therapy while I was recovering from surgery. Design by Elaine Waldschmitt."

Therapy in Black and White detail