quilt block sampler

The Western North Carolina Quilters Guild
2010 Harvest of Quilts

Categories for Show Entries and Special Awards

First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mention ribbons were awarded in each of the quilt categories.
One ribbon was given in each of the Special Award categories.

Traditional Quilts

Based on well-established or customary designs; may also be an adaptation of such designs or made from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.)

100   Traditional Quilts, appliqued , quilted by maker, large
200   Traditional Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker, medium and small
300   Traditional Quilts, pieced, large
400   Traditional Quilts, pieced, medium
500   Traditional Quilts, pieced, small
600   Quilts with other techniques (e.g., cathedral window, wholecoloth, crazy quilt, embroidered)
800   Traditional Quilts, with commissioned quilting

Contemporary Quilts

Made or adapted from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.); makes use of current trends in design, fabrics, and/or techniques.

900   Contemporary Quilts, made or adapted from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.), makes use of current trends in design, fabrics, and/or techniques   
1000   Contemporary Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker    
1100   Contemporary Quilts, with commissioned quilting                 

Art/Innovative Quilts

Must be the qultmaker's original design; a personnal expression making innovation use of color, materials and/or techniques; may include traditional elements, but as a minor part of the design.

1200  Art/InnovativeQuilts, large and medium
1300  Art/Innovative Quilts, small

Other Quilts

1400  Quilts Made by Youth, up to 18 years old at the time of completion of quilt – any size
1500  Group Quilts, made by two or more people; may have commissioned quilting
1600  Wearable Art

Special Awards

  • Best of Show
  • Best Hand Workmanship
  • Best Machine Quilting – Amateur
  • Best Machine Quilting – Professional
  • Best Embellishment
  • Judge’s Choice
  • Off the Wall Award (for a quilt with originality, personality, and thoughtfulness that will make the viewer smile or reflect)
  • Best Scrap Quilt
  • Best Pictorial Quilt
  • Best Use of Color
  • Viewers’ Choice

2010 Quilt Judge ~ Scott Murkin

Scott Murkin is a physician from Asheboro, North Carolina. Originally from a quilting family in Illinois, he currently designs original quilts for the bed and wall. Scott exhibits nationally and internationally, has his textile artworks in prestigious public and private collections and has had his quilts appear in numerous publications including American Quilter, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Quiltmaker, Quilting Quarterly, and Great American Quilts.

Quilt block graphics adapted from www.dlstewart.com/clipart.htm

Updated November 22, 2010