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North Carolina Quilt Symposium

Mountain Stitches

Bonclarken Conference Center, Flat Rock, North Carolina

May 28-31, 2015

Sponsored by NCQSI, Hosted by Western North Carolina Quilters Guild

The North Carolina Quilt Symposium is an annual, nationally-recognized,
four-day quilt conference, featuring classes and lectures presented by
outstanding faculty, a quilt show and vendors’ mall.

Awards ~ Contemporary Quilts

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900: Contemporary Quilts, Appliquéd, Quilted by Maker
First Place

First Place Kathleen Stuart

By Kathleen Stuart

I wanted a quilt for myself, so I picked this one. There are
10 miles of thread used — my husband figured it out!

Alhambra detail 2 Alhambra detail 1

Second Place

Second Place Patricia Votruba

Reaching for the Sun
By Patricia Votruba

3-D Daylilies on a sky and land patchwork background.
I like using scraps, so all of this came from my
(other) project finishing bits.

Reaching for the Sun detail Reaching for the Sun detail 2

Third Place

Third Place Natalie Rockley

Lumen Essence
By Natalie Rockley

This quilt was based on a design by Ricky Tims. Pieces were
appliquéd and then pieced. Dupioni silk and cotton.

Lumen Essence detail 2 Lumen Essence detail 1

Honorable Mention

A Bear for Stan detail 2

A Bear for Stan detail 1



A Bear for Stan
By Mona Alderson

After retirement, my husband hunted, but failed, to shoot a bear.
He passed away in February. This bear is for him.
Collage raw-edge appliqué, FMQ.

A Bear for Stan

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Margaret Wills

Table Leaf
By Margaret Wills

Quilt pattern taken from the book Skinny Quilts and Table Runners by Eleanor Levide. Quilt made with wool, felt, and cotton shot fabrics.

Table Leaf detail 1

Table Leaf detail 2

1200: Contemporary Quilts, Pieced, Quilted by Maker (small, medium)
First Place

Natural Beauty detail 1

Natural Beauty detail 2

Natural Beauty
By Irene Grimes

This quilt was entirely paper pieced. It was a Quilt-Along in
2014 and stretched both my imagination and my abilities.

First Place Irene Grimes

Second Place

Blowing in the Wind detail 1

Blowing in the Wind
By Margaret Wills

Quilt made from pattern found in the August 2012
Quilters World Magazine
. Designer is Chris Malone.

Second Place Margaret Wills

Third Place

Third place Natalie Rockley

The Gift of Color
By Natalie Rockley

This quilt was designed by Jacqueline de Jonge and is mostly
paper pieced. Fabric selection was based on the Color Wheel.

The Gift of Color detail 2 The Gift of Color detail

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Joyce Hamas

Jewel Box
By Joyce Hamas

Originally the individual triangles were intended for another design.
I was delighted when arranged differently, a 3-D design emerged.
This "Jewel Box" was created.

Jewel Box detail 2 Jewel Box detail 1

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Anne Hodges

Good to the Last Drop, Oops!
By Anne Hodge

This is a scrap quilt I designed and made for a
challenge at a local quilt shop. The cornerstones
and droplets are the challenge fabric.

Good to the Last Drop detail 1 Good to the Last Drop detail 2

1300: Contemporary Quilts, Pieced, Quilted by Maker (large)
First Place

First Place Joan Bryan

My Stars of Lumina
By Joan Bryan

This piece was created using the fabric "Lumina" by Robert Kaufman,
and a modified pattern "Stars of Lumina" by Toby Lischko.

My Stars of Lumina detail 1 My Stars of Lumina detail 2

Second Place

Second Place Joyce Hamas

The Exotic Tea Rose
By Joyce Hamas

I thought it an impossible task when first viewing "Venice Rose"
in a magazine. Later, I found Nora McMaking's book;
the challenge couldn't be resisted.

The Exotic Tea Rose detail 1 The Exotic Tea Rose detail 2

Third Place

Third Place Patricia Votruba

Starburst Tulips
By Patricia Votruba

"Lone Star" with tulip cornerstones and strip-pieced corners.
I made this to help a friend learn how I select colors for a quilt.
We had fun shopping.

Starburst Tulips detail 1 Starburst Tulips detail 2

Honorable Mention

First Place Betty Van Sickle

Convex Illusions
By Betty Van Sickle

This quilt looks deceptively hard.
It was fun to pick out the fabrics and make it.

Convex Illusions detail 1 Convex Illusions detail 2

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Sheila Solen

Kaleidoscope Garden
By Sheila Solen

Hexagon blocks from one fabric arranged into a colorful
garden design. Original fabric is used for the backing.

Kaleidoscope Garden detail 1 Kaleidoscope Garden detail 2

1400: Contemporary Quilts, Duet
First Place

First Place Margaret Wills

There's One in Every Crowd
By Margaret Wills
Quilted by Rebecca Verrier-Watt

Pattern taken from the book Frightfully Crazy.
Pattern name is "If the Hat Fits" by Buggy Barn.
I added ruby shoes to the center witch for fun!

There's One in Every Crowd detail 1 There's One in Every Crowd detail 2

Second Place

Second Place Kathleen Stuart

Pickle Dish
By Kathleen Stuart and Judy Lowery
Quilted by Kathleen Stuart

Judy loves to piece and Kathy loves to appliqué and machine
quilt...This may be the beginning of great quilts to come!

Pickle Dish detail 1 Pickle Dish detail 2

Third Place

Third place Ira L. Inman

By Ira L. Inman
Quilted by Karen Rathmell

I loved Judy's celebration tree skirt, but made mine into a
wall hanging. It was paper pieced and long-arm qulted.

Celebration Detail 1 Celebration detail 2

Honorable Mention

Third place Linda Voltz

By Linda Voltz
Quilted by Deb Beaver

Twelve modified blocks foundation pieced of batik material.
The quilt was machine (long-arm) quilted from a pattern I chose.
I had only worked on batiks on small projects so I decided
to try 12" blocks and bright colors.

Ninevah detail 1

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