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North Carolina Quilt Symposium

Mountain Stitches

Bonclarken Conference Center, Flat Rock, North Carolina

May 28-31, 2015

Sponsored by NCQS, Hosted by Western North Carolina Quilters Guild

The North Carolina Quilt Symposium is an annual, nationally-recognized,
four-day quilt conference, featuring classes and lectures presented by
outstanding faculty, a quilt show and vendors’ mall.


Scott Murkin, M.D., Judge

Scott Murkin, M.D., is a hospice physician from North Carolina. Originally from a quilting family in Illinois, he currently designs original quilts for the bed and wall. Scott exhibits nationally and internationally, has his textile artworks in prestigious public and private collections, and has had his quilts appear in numerous publications, including American Quilter, Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Quiltmaker, Quilting Quarterly, and Great American Quilts. Scott is an NQA Certified Quilt Judge who has judged throughout the country, including American Quilter's Society, National Quilt Association and International Quilt Association. Scott's Flicker page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scottmurkin/

Categories for Show Entries and Awards

First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mention ribbons were awarded in each of the quilt categories. One ribbon was given in each of the Special Award categories.

TRADITIONAL QUILTS – based on well-established or customary designs; may also be your adaptation of such designs or made from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.)

100 Traditional Quilts, appliquéd, quilted by maker
400 Traditional Quilts, appliquéd, quilted by maker, small, medium
500 Traditional Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker, large
700 Traditional Quilts, appliquéd, duet

CONTEMPORARY QUILTS –made or adapted from a professional design (book, magazine, class, etc.); makes use of current trends in design, fabrics, and/or techniques.

  900 Contemporary Quilts, appliquéd, quilted by maker
1200 Contemporary Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker, small, medium
1300 Contemporary Quilts, pieced, quilted by maker, large
1400 Contemporary Quilts, duet

ART/INNOVATIVE QUILTS - must be the quiltmaker’s original design; a personal expression making innovative use of color, materials and/or techniques; may include traditional elements, but as a minor part of the design

1500 Art/Innovative Quilts, small
1600 Art/Innovative Quilts, medium
1700 Art/Innovative Quilts, large


1800 Other Techniques (e.g, cathedral window, whole cloth, crazy quilt, redwork, thread painting, etc.)


1900 Miniature sizes – Completely scaled down in all features from a large quilt design. Perimeter less than 96 inches; block size 4 inches or less. Quilted by the maker.


2000 Group Quilts – Quilts made by three or more people

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July 15, 2015