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North Carolina Quilt Symposium

Mountain Stitches

Bonclarken Conference Center, Flat Rock, North Carolina

May 28-31, 2015

Sponsored by NCQSI, Hosted by Western North Carolina Quilters Guild

The North Carolina Quilt Symposium is an annual, nationally-recognized,
four-day quilt conference, featuring classes and lectures presented by
outstanding faculty, a quilt show and vendors’ mall.

Awards ~ Traditional Quilts

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Traditional Quilts 100 ~ Appliquéd, Quilted by Maker
First Place and Outstanding Machine Workmanship

First place Connie Griner

By Connie Griner

2013 Block of the Month from The Quilt Show.com

Solitaire detail 1 Solitaire detail 3

Second Place and Outstanding Hand Workmanship

Second place Del Horan

In the Garden of Morris Memories
By Del Horan

Michell Hill's books inspired me, then I found 21 of the
fabrics in Michigan. The applicqué is fused, blanket stitched,
some also outlined. Hand quilted.

Morris Memories detail 1 Morris Memories detail 2

Third Place

Third place Laurie Fichtelberg

By Laurie Fichelberg

I love to applqué. Thought this would be fun. Used mostly scraps.

Vanilla detail 1 Vanilla detail 2

Honorable Mention

Second place Kitty Etterman

Backyard Visitors
By Kitty Etterman

These are birds that visit my backyard feeder.
Setting my own design and some of the block settings as well.

Backyard Visitors detail 2 Backyard Visitors detail 1

400 ~ Traditional Quilts, Pieced, Quilted by Maker (small, medium)
First Place

First place Robin Lancaster

Fall Confetti
By Robin Lancaster

Fall Confetti is my foray into scrap quilting. I also wanted to stretch myself in quilting. This is my first quilt where I feel like a quilter.

Fall Confetti detail

Second Place

Second place Linda Voltz

Morris in the South
By Linda Voltz

I had some beautiful Morris print fabric that seemed
suited to old traditional designs. I made foundation
patterns of the blocks I wanted, then hand drew a center
and corner designs and finished with free motion quilting.

Morris in the South detail 1 Morris in the South detail 2

Third Place

Third place Sally Hall

By Sally Hall

Exercise in playing with lights and dark of single color;
fabrics in one block not repeated in another block.
119 different green fabrics used.

Green detail 1 Green detail 2

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention Betty Van Sickle

Shimmering Strata
By Betty Van Sickle

I saw this quilt at a vendor booth and loved the fabric colors.

Shimmering Strata detail

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Kitty Etterman

Swirling Spirals
By Kitty Etterman

Made from material a friend brought back from Thailand.
Resized pattern to fit New York blocks I had left over from another quilt.

Swirling spirals detail

500 ~ Traditional Quilts, Pieced, Quilted by Maker (large)
First Place

First Place Andrea West

Waves for Drew
By Andrea West

I made this quilt for my younger son for his high school graduation.
It took three years and I enjoyed every step.

Waves for Drew detail 1 Waves for Drew detail 2

Second Place

Second place Karen Guinn

Butterflies in My Garden
By Karen Guinn

Augusta Cole designed this pattern and taught the class at NC Quilt Symposium several years ago. The butterfly motif was perfect for the white triangles! As I was quilting the floral triangles, I became dissatisfield with the design and the thread color, and stopped working on it. Two years later I spent many hours removing the offending stitches, and quilted a new design with different thread. This quilt will be on my bed every spring!

Butterflies in My Garden detail

Third Place and Best Use of Color

Third place Anne Hodges

Elijah's Quilt
By Anne Hodge

This is my fourth "grandchild" quilt; the overall scheme is a geometric design in batiks on a black background with the pinwheel border.

Elijah's Quilt detail 1 Elijah's Quilt detail 2

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention Laurie Fichtelberg

Jewels for Stupendous
By Laurie Fichtelberg

A friend needed a quilt on a wall. I volunteered to make one for her.
She picked out a picture — this is it!

Jewels for Stupendous detail 1 Jewels for Stupendous detail 2

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Phyllis Tarrant

Green Quilt: North Carolina Is My Home
By Phyllis Tarrant

I did not mean for this quilt to be about North Carolina. I just looked for patterns with points. From the center: North Carolina Lily, Pine Trees, Bear Paws, Sweet Gum (not Maple) Leaves, and Delectable Mountains.

Green Quilt detail 1 Green Quilt detail 2

700 ~ Traditional Quilts, Appliquéd, Duet
First Place and Best of Show

First Place Kathryn Zimmerman

Autumn Journey at White Oak
By Kathryn Zimmerman
Quilted by Brian Fackler

A Sue Garmen design, quilt is paper pieced. turned and glued and
machine appliquéd. Also included is cording and ruched flowers.

Autumn Journey border detail 3 center detail Autumn Journey 1

Second Place

Second place Ira L. Inman

Mariner's Compass
By Ira L. Inman
Quilted by Becky Stowers

I've always loved the Mariner's Compass block, so I had to
join Cindy Blackberg's Handwork in the Smokies Seminar. I used
my own setting for her blocks. It was hand and machine pieced.

Mariner's Compass Detail

Third Place

Third place Sa

Trip Around the Garden
By Sally Hall
Quilted by Debbie Beaver

I started with scraps left over from a baby quilt. I like the
color flow – so I kept adding more fabrics. It just kept growing!

Trip Around the Garden detail 2 Trip Around the Garden detail 2

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Kris Kinigson

Tree of Life
By Kris Kinigson

I thought this pattern would fit perfectly in our new mountain home.
I wanted to try to mix batiks and traditional cotton fabrics like Edyta.
My first attempt did not work well after several blocks so I started over with a new background and lighter fabrics for the half square triangles.

Tree of Life detail

Honorable Mention

First place Marsha Rich

Bonfire Island
By Marsha Rich
Quilted by Janice Hayes

This was a block that floated in my mind for several years.
I like playing with a simple design and brining it to life with movement.

Bonfire Island Detail 1 Bonfire Island Detail 2

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