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quilt block sampler

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2017 Garden of Quilts

Friday & Saturday, May 5 & 6, Bonclarken, Flat Rock

How to Enter ~ Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What makes an art quilt?

First and Foremost, it must be an original design and made with artistic intent. It is a personal expression utilizing color, materials and innovative techniques in conjunction with quilt making techniques.

2. How should I price my quilt for sale?

This is your choice. Remember that WNCQG deducts a 20% commission from the sale price.

3. A rigid hanger is an integral part of my art quilt. I want to have it displayed with the quilt. Is this allowed?

We are concerned about potential damage to other quilts. Also, a stick or rod cannot be pinned to muslin. To solve this problem, please make sure that the rigid hanger is less than 18 inches long. Attach the quilt to the hanger any way you want but fasten a cord to the hanger that can be pinned to the muslin drape. Place your quilt and its hanger in an old pillow case that is clearly labeled with your name and the name of your quilt. We will store and transport your quilt in the pillow case to avoid damage to other quilts.

4. Why do you want a photo?

This will help us insure that quilts are placed in the correct category and displayed in a pleasing manner. Have a friend with a digital camera take the picture and print it on plain paper (no need for photo paper).

5. Why are sizes not given for the categories? I have a large and a small quilt in the same category.

We plan to further divide categories by quilt size depending on the number of quilts entered. Since we don’t know now how things will divide, we can’t give specific size ranges. You are limited to entering five quilts for judging but may enter as many more as you wish for exhibit. All five can be in the same category.  However, you cannot win two ribbons in the same category. You will be awarded the higher ranking one.

6. What are the special exhibits?

WNCQG 2016 Challenge Quilt
WNCQG 2017 Challenge Quilt

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February 23, 2017